WetEdge Pool Finishes


LED Lighting




Our designer will meet with you at your home to discuss your project and listen to you ideas, to view the proposed construction site, and to make suggestions and recommendations based on the information you share with him and what he observes.

We urge our clients to share as much information as available regarding YOUR dream outdoor living environment.  Share your excitement, your concerns, and ask questions.  We want to create the space you envision, and bring it to life.. in your very own backyard.


Conceptual Design & Proposal

Our designers have over a decade of experience creating designs that compliment the surrounding natural and existing site structures.  Now they will create 3-D renderings of your design based on the discussions and information obtained from your site consultation. You will initially have several variations to fully conceptualize your design options.  Once you have decided on a design, we start on the construction plans.



Permits, Layout, & Line Marking

 Before any work begins, one of our construction experts will schedule an appointment with you to "layout" the pool. This entails literally painting the outline  of the pool in your backyard. You will then approve, in writing, the size, location, shape, and elevation of your pool. This is the time when any adjustments  to size, location, or elevation can be made before work actually begins. Any changes will be confirmed in writing with your signature.



Now begins the fun part of the process! Heavy machinery will remove the dirt, exposing the size and shape of the pool. Our measurements are very precise and require precision work. 



The entire pool is fortified with steel bars that are placed at intervals that maximize structural integrity.


During the plumbing stage, we will dig trenches around your pool and install pvc pipe outside the walls of the pool for ease of access.  Once installed, we then pressure test to ensure trouble-free operation.



We dig more trenches for conduit to supply all the necessary electrical requirements. All electrical/propane work is performed in compliance by a certified electrician.



Gunite, a high-strength concrete mix, is pneumatically "shot" into the steel form to create a tough, solid shell. Tanning ledges, steps, etc. are sculpted by hand to your very specifications.  

Built-in Features, Tile & Coping

Our expert masons will install coping around the top edge of your pool and spa. Any special work with stone or rock, such as waterfalls or retaining walls, is usually done at this time. Your water-line tile is then installed. Our masons and tile-setters are very dedicated  craftsmen who ensure that every detail meets specifications.



To achieve your individual poolscape design and ensure an attractive, durable deck that’s appropriate for your soil and our climate, we offer a full  range of materials, colors, textures, and surfaces.


To finish off the gunite surface, a plaster or hybrid is applied.  This is where your pool can take on a life of its own with the selection of your WetEdge pool finish! We recommend WetEdge, not only because they create a stunning and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere, but because they extend the life of your pool and help keep maintenance at a minimum.  Check out their amazing collection of pool finishes here.




After decking, all of our construction debris is removed, and a general clean-up and rough grading of the area is completed.

Before the last phase is scheduled, one of our representatives will meet with you to do a walk-through of the project area and discuss any questions you may have. At that time, you will be given instructions on how to properly fill  your pool with water after the interior finish is applied. Also, an appointment will be scheduled for "Pool School."



Now it’s time to get the pool fun started. But first there is a Pool School.  Prior to our detailed orientation, one of our technicians will start up the pool, test and turn on the equipment and make sure it's working properly. During Pool School you will learn how to operate your equipment and maintain your  pool, including proper water chemistry. You will receive a manual with further instructions and your warranties. Many people record video of Pool  School for future reference. But you can always call or message with questions.